Everyday Germany

Shaun + Nina

The bureaucracy of leaving Germany

2024-02-20 32 min

Shaun + Nina discuss the Super Bowl, and Nina explains the hoops she has to jump through to leave Germany

Meeting Nina's boyfriend, and Nina's news

2024-02-05 53 min

Ruben, Nina's boyfriend, joins us to discuss his impressions of Germany and what it's like dating a German. Plus: Nina has some news.

Anti-extremism protests in Germany // New German citizenship laws

2024-01-24 37 min

Nina + Shaun discuss the recent mass protests against the far right in Germany, and ask if the new citizenship laws "cheapen" the German passport.

German home remedies: scarves, onion bags and more

2023-12-21 27 min

Nina explains how Germans cure colds and other illnesses with home remedies.

German Christmas traditions

2023-12-06 45 min

Get into the German Christmas spirit with Nina and Shaun. 

The German Bundesliga

2023-11-29 46 min

Nina + Shaun discuss German football.

Live at Podcast-Brause in November 2023: Deutsche Kritikkultur

Recorded live in German

2023-11-14 35 min

Live recording of the German episode Shaun + Nina recorded at the Podcast-Brause in November 2023 in Nürnberg.

The Jugendwort of 2023

2023-10-27 23 min

Shaun + Nina are back! They catch up with their COVID experiences and talk about the Jugendwort of 2023.

Gendering in German

2023-07-28 30 min

Nina and Shaun discuss the recent focus on gender-neutral language in German.

The story of German Americans

2023-07-21 18 min

Nina goes solo to discuss her roots as a German American.

Grumpy Germans

2023-07-15 16 min

Shaun tells Nina a story about a recent altercation he had with a grumpy German.

Bad graffiti flowers, the Fuggers, and Spezi: Augsburg is cool

2023-07-09 33 min

Nina drops some historical nuggets about her home town, Augsburg. 

How to be a good dinner guest in Germany

2023-06-13 37 min

Nina explains what Germans expect from you when having dinner in their home.

King Ludwig II, Neuschwanstein castle, and listener feedback

2023-06-02 20 min

Shaun and Nina discuss the history of Neuschwanstein castle, and they go through some listener feedback.

Do Germans believe in horoscopes?

2023-05-29 36 min

Shaun and Nina discuss horoscopes and personality tests.

Using "servus" as a greeting // Germans and boardgames

"I don't want kids to be weirded out when I greet them."

2023-04-29 28 min

Shaun + Nina discuss boardgames in Germany, and talk about the correct usage of "Servus" in Bavaria.

Common things Germans say and do, and what they mean

"That's why you're married"

2023-04-21 40 min

Episode previously released on The Germany Experience in March 2021.

Der Struwwelpeter and other horrifying children's stories

"I hope no one parents like this anymore."

2023-03-31 28 min

Nina and Shaun discuss Struwwelpeter and some of the works of the Brothers Grimm.

German youths are in debt // German bureaucracy

"Be firm, but don't get yourself arrested"

2023-03-24 37 min

Shaun + Nina look at some news reports, and Shaun rants about German bureaucracy.

Germans love breakfast, and spring traditions in Germany

"Privacy is our thing, but not when it comes to, 'Does your pee smell like asparagus?'"

2023-03-17 39 min

Shaun + Nina discuss whether or not breakfast is the Germans' favorite meal of the day, and they talk about asparagus season. 

Safety for women in Germany

"You are probably more creeped out by me now than vice versa."

2023-02-22 31 min

Nina discusses how safe Germany is, and tells a story about an incident that happened to her. 

Fasching/Karneval in Germany

"We need video footage of kids getting hit in the face with candy. Please."

2023-02-15 34 min

Shaun and Nina talk about the origins and customs around Fasching and Karneval in Germany.

Things you can't name your baby in Germany

"Meet my kid, Floppy Disk"

2023-02-01 31 min

You can't just name your baby anything in Germany! Shaun lists some names that have been rejected by local offices in the past. Shaun and Nina also discuss p...

Body culture in Germany

"He didn't even think that it could be a possibility that I wouldn't expect that everyone would be naked together."

2023-01-25 27 min

What is body culture like in Germany? How do the views of nudity differ between Germany and other cultures. Shaun and Nina discuss strip shows in the USA, sa...

Shaun's fire emergency // Voluntary emergency services in Germany

"But that's what you have therapy for."

2023-01-18 33 min

Shaun tells the story of how a blocked masonry oven resulted in the deployment of fire services to his house. Nina and Shaun discuss voluntary emergency serv...

How German are you?

"I'm going to take my chances with the pox"

2023-01-11 44 min

Nina and Shaun do a quiz called "How German are you?" from a book called Ze Germans (by Fadi Gaziri) to see how German they really are. Questions cover every...

Sperrmüll (bulky garbage) // German youth word of 2022

Shaun prepares his bulky garbage and Nina rants about youth words

2023-01-04 35 min

Shaun discusses preparing his "Sperrmüll" (or bulky garbage) for pickup. And then Nina and Shaun give their unqualified opinions on the German youth words of...

Introducing Shaun and Nina, and potential potato content

Introducing the hosts of Everyday Germ

2022-12-21 14 min

In the first episode of their new podcast, Nina and Shaun introduce themselves and explain what the podcast is about (it may or may not include potato conten...

Episode 0: Announcing Everyday Germany

Nina and Shaun announce their new podcast about life in Germany.


Shaun and NIna announce their podcast about life in Germany from their perspective. The first episode will be coming in November, so subscribe to the podcast...