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Daily life in Germany, German culture, and the German language, as experienced by a German and a foreigner. New episodes every Wednesday.

Body culture in Germany

"He didn't even think that it could be a possibility that I wouldn't expect that everyone would be naked together."

2023-01-25 27 min

What is body culture like in Germany? How do the views of nudity differ between Germany and other cultures. Shaun and Nina discuss strip shows in the USA, saunas in Germany, and nudity on TV.

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Shaun's fire emergency // Voluntary emergency services in Germany

"But that's what you have therapy for."

2023-01-18 33 min

Shaun tells the story of how a blocked masonry oven resulted in the deployment of fire services to his house. Nina and Shaun discuss voluntary emergency serv...

How German are you?

"I'm going to take my chances with the pox"

2023-01-11 44 min

Nina and Shaun do a quiz called "How German are you?" from a book called Ze Germans (by Fadi Gaziri) to see how German they really are. Questions cover every...

Sperrmüll (bulky garbage) // German youth word of 2022

Shaun prepares his bulky garbage and Nina rants about youth words

2023-01-04 35 min

Shaun discusses preparing his "Sperrmüll" (or bulky garbage) for pickup. And then Nina and Shaun give their unqualified opinions on the German youth words of...


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